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The information on this page was partly collected from the book "Texelse geslachten" written by Messrs. Dijt en Dijt, but of course you will find the results of my own reseaerch as well. The youngest generations are not mentioned here, for privacy reasons. If you have any questions, supplement information or suggestions for improvement, please contact me.

The Texel-originated family called Bremer can be separated into two different pedigrees, of wich the mutual connection is uncertain.

The first wife of Harmen Jansz Bremer was Hendrikje Barends, a Roman Catholic. It is established that their children were baptised in the Roman Catholic church. Harmen's second marriage, in the year 1706, was to a woman called Engeltje Willems, who was of the Calvinist religion. Above mentioned Harmen Jansz. Bremer is to be regarded the progenitor of the first family-branch. This is also the pedigree to wich I belong.

Less information is available regarding to the second pedigree, especially because most descendants of Claas Willemsz. Bremer were Baptists. Claas, a former sailor, lived in the village of De Koog in the year 1742. In the following generations there were many sea-going Bremers to be found. Only in the 19th century the Bremers came ashore and earned their living as farmers, bakers and painters. You will find detailed information on this particular pedigree on a seperate page.

There are two posible hypotheses regarding the origin of the family name: